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The Super Tools
The Super Tools



Each month a different Super Tool will be on a quest to collect Badge for their Super Achievements Chart. Using a simple map with clues (as shown below), the child is guided through the activities as they move the Super Tool of the month along the map. Along the way they meet different Super Tools that pose a problem or have a request or clue. The child will then complete the activity associated with that clue to progress. Once they have completed all the activities they will have earned their Super Achievements Badge.

Example of Adventure StoryThe Super Achievements Chart

Meet the Super Tools that help you on your adventure!

Brilliant Bottle

Hi! I love liquids - water, soap, bubbles - anything you can pour. So fill me up and pour me out! I am great at mixing and holding solutions! You never know what surprise will happen with me.

Fantastic Flash

Hi! I am Fantastic Flash the Lightbulb. Light helps us see in the dark so count on me to let my light shine when you need help understanding an idea or need clues. You can count on me to light the way!



Jotty Journal

Notes, notes, notes... Every little scientist needs to write down what they question, predict, think, and discover. But have no fear, Jotty Journal is here! Call on me when you want to record or write down your findings.

Mighty Measure

I love to measure and find the lengh of all kinds of objects. Use me to figure out how tall or short something is or even the distance between two objects. So give a BLAST out to MIGHTY MEASURE when a ruler is needed!



Powerful Pencil

Jotty Journal and I are best friends! Without me, Jotty Journal won't be able to help record your findings. But, I, Powerful Pencil am here to the rescue. Sharpen me up, as the pencil is mightier than the sword. Write, draw, scribble or trace. I am the one you need.

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