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About Our Afterschool Program
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We offer after school classes for preschooler that allow children to have the opportunity to expand the child's vocabulary, introducing terms such as saturation, gravity, and plane structure all through guided activities. Furthermore, the child will be introduced to the scientific process, encouraging the formation and testing of hypotheses.

What is the class time?

Our classes typically begin at the end of a preschool day and last 40 minutes. We work with each school to determine the number of weeks that we will run our curriculum.

What is included in the class?

All the supplies to complete at least one hands on experiment each class. We include all the supplies from test tubes to pencils. Our teachers are trained and have guides to ensure that the learning points and vocabulary are covered with each experiment. Often classes will include read-alouds, review and cooperative activities as well.

How do we sign up for a class?

You can register online at our littleBLAST website or through a registration form at your school. Please select the school your child attends when signing up online to ensure we have them correctly registered.

Interested in teaching littleBLAST science classes?

We are looking for teachers to teach our littleBLAST classes at preschools. We will provide the curriculum (including key terms) and supplies to successfully complete our science series. Please contact support-at-littleblast-dot-com for more information. We would love to hear from you!

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