About Us

Who are Jen and Victoria?

We are two moms of preschool aged kids who love to teach and introduce concepts to our children. We have enjoyed watching our children grow, learn and explore. We believe that children have a natural curiosity and desire to learn and wish to help them harness that potential.

Why did we start littleBLAST?

We formed the idea for this company one morning while working together making cupcakes for a birthday party. We were discussing how much we loved to do science and math activities with our kids. However, being busy moms it took us a while to find the activities, ensure we had all the supplies and set everything up. We put our heads together and realized there was a need for a fun after school program of math and science based activities for early childhood education. Who better to provide these than an engineer and an elementary school teacher? And so the idea of littleBLAST was born.

What do we believe?

We strongly believe in children learning through play. However; by providing activities that allow them to explore, experiment and question, they will have an opportunity to learn something new, try something different. These activities will also provide the caregivers with a structure to introduce terms and concepts to the child.

Why is exposing young children to science important?

Vocabulary development is essential as a child grows. Our BLASTs will build background knowledge as your child explores new ideas. Once they re-encounter these concepts at school, they will have an intuition for what will happen.